I was looking for an app to display the upcoming public transit departures from the station next to my house, in my smart home user interface. Not having found any software with the desired functionality, I developed my own. Today I would like to present to you berlin-departure-board and share some learnings along the way of making my first Vue.js project.

My hobby project departure-board was a practical entry point into the world of modern Javascript


I have not messed around with Javascript since I was in high school in mid-2000s and worked on my hobby project. The hobby project that taught me web programming (and programming as such, long before the university courses) became…

I am often asked what is the best way to acquire the first practical glimpse into the world of programming. I hear it from people with diverse educational backgrounds: linguists and psychologists performing academic research, sales managers calculating business forecasts and simply people excited to learn something new. I decided to write this post as an aid for everyone who wants to learn programming from scratch in a fun way.

Photo by Xiaole Tao on Unsplash


The first question is of course the choice of the programming language.

There are many programming languages out there. Wikipedia lists more than 700 various languages. Some of them are…

A short exploration of the technical challenges faced when we integrate Doctolib within hospital IT systems in a secure manner using a communication server to ensure we delight our users.

At Doctolib, we offer ground-breaking browser-based scheduling software (tap-tap on the shoulder!) for hospitals and medical practices in Germany and France.

Key to ensuring our users love our product is to keep existing clinical workflows intact. We proudly integrate with existing medical software, most of which are hospital information systems, and we do this via programmable interfaces (APIs).

Imagine you are managing the IT network at your local hospital and…

I joined Doctolib as a technical project manager a few months ago. Among others, my responsibilities include integrating Doctolib software into the IT infrastructure of the various hospitals and making sure the interfaces with hospital information systems (HIS) run reliably.

This article talks about processing the logfiles produced by hospital integration engines

Doctolib offers a multitude of standard-conform interfaces to connect our fantastic booking software to a variety of HIS. Normally, the communication between medical software in a hospital is regulated by a central communication server (aka enterprise integration application, EAI).

Pavlo Dyban

Driving the future of healthcare!

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